Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hanging w/ the Hawkins

Yeahp! We are back! Indiana was a blast!!! Shelby did awesome on the planes (we had a 3 hr lay-over in Chicago on the way and then an hour long one on the way home) but she was soo well behaved and even slept some on the planes! :) We were very grateful for the iPad though! OMG! It was a lifesaver! Yo Gabba Gabba, Dora and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse play over and over in my head now! LOL... more so than before! lol
Anyhoo...this trip was sooo good and wonderful! Seeing and meeting Nichole's in-laws was great! Seeing Indiana was awesome too! Its soo different than Arkansas! The weather was great and diverse! We had 75 degrees to 32 degrees, sunshine, rain and snow! LOL...'s the pics from the trip...

Sad to be goin home :(

Cambry's sad too :(

Sweet bedtime story w/ Noah and Cambry

Shelby's mean face she was givin in the airport during our layover in Chicago on the way

Shelby was worn out!!! We had soo much fun!! We took the girls to their Wonder Lab (i think that's what it was called) in Bloomington (they actually live in "the sticks" somewhere outside of Linton but w/ a Jasonville mailing and the girls would have stayed all day if we let them! There was a bubble room and the girls went gaa gaa over it! I didn't get a pic of it :( the majority of my pics are Blackberry snapshots lol....easy and accessible! lol.... Shelby now has a Cici doll (that's what Cambry named hers) and Shelby loves it! It's a reminder of Cambry :)....we had a blast and I didn't wanna come home at all!!

Nichole and I are so much alike and are truly best friends that onlyGod can put together. To think that two girls 10 hours away fr each other could be best friends is logically nuts but in God all things are possible and I've truly come to know!! We talk/text every day and for our hubbies to even agree to meet up once is a God-thing not to mention mine agreeing to fly w/ an almost 2 yr old to stay at a home in a state we've never even heard of!! Lol GOD did this!! She's here for me even when she's there and she let's me cry on her shoulder even when it's 10 hrs away in her own home. Only God could also pick my best gal friend ( just makin sure when is say BFF that u know God and Josh are 1st) to have a daughter who's 6 days younger than Shelby and is in the same stages of life!! Even down to the annoying kid shows!! Lol. I love u Lord for placing Nichole and her family in my life and for allowing me the opportunity to see her, even though it's not as often as I like to, and for opening our husbands hearts to our friendship. It's gotta be tough to even consider something as logically insane as, "hey baby, let's fly 10 hrs away for a week and stay in the basement with people we don't know for me to see my BFF I've only seen one other time." lol. But God did this and everything with Gid is good! And this friendship is banana puddin good! I love ya Nichole! Miss u tons already...


Angie said...

Your daughter is just adorable!!! Its crazy how fast the time goes right?!

Thanks for stopping by - yes, love Leslie's designs! Yours is so fun!

Angie said...

Love your items too, you are so creative & talented!