Thursday, March 10, 2011


Well, today was a normal, dusty house from construction still kinda day, starting out... Shelby slept late, the shower will be grouted and useable after today and the sun was shining, UNTIL about 11am when I noticed little white bumps and patches on the inside of Shelby's lips and tongue as well as....well crap! HER WHOLE MOUTH! She didn't eat well yesterday at all and last night screamed when she did so we thought, great, more teeth so i didn't think twice about it. I remember seeing a little white patch on her lip and thought she bit it cuz shes silly and makes faces all the time so i blew it off (give me the Terrible Mom of The Year Award now please!) However this time when I caught a glimpse of her mouth I FREAKED OUT and I did what any panicking mom would do w/ a foreign illness and.....
I take a pic w/ my Blackberry and send it to my mom!
Lol...come know you would too!! My mom quickly diagnosed her with... guessed it....THRUSH......We've been by the Thrush fairy and I really wish she never would've entered our lives. My sweet baby is Miserable and cries and cries b/c it hurts so bad anytime something hits the inside of her mouth. I panicked and called almost every doctor in town trying to get her in and treated and no one was free or would fit her in so Mammy called and made them understand that she's a baby and isn't eating! So, the doctor called me and called shelby in Nystatin and some Amoxicillin so we now Pray and hang on tight. We fot her to eat some ice cream, Lucky Charms and a few chocolate chips. Don't ask....we are in survival mode ( I told you to give me the Terrible Mom of The Year Award now didn't I?)....she also drank 5oz of her favorite juice, V8 Fusion Strawberry Banana ( she loves it and we love that she gets tons of nutrients and stuff from it!) and a full 8oz of strawberry whole milk! Progress! So anyway...I'm expecting to get Thrush considering how much I'm around Shelby but I'm praying we don't. It's always something! Josh has also been puny w/ stomach mess so it's no fun here lately. All this w/ our shower re-do in progress and my OCD pushed to it's limits and me on the verge of going bananas from the mess....'s 99% done but totally useable now as of 8:30pm!!! The glass will be installed early next week; it's going at the top of the two walls w/ no door. I love the grout color and the wall color we chose and dang, just the whole thing!!! The fixtures are perfect!! My phone took strange pics tonight so they look hazy and lighter than usual so this pic below is the actual tile color..

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