Monday, March 14, 2011


So a week from now we will be on our way to Indiana to stay the week w/ my BFF Nichole and her sweet family. I cannot be more excited!!!!! Back in the summer we all met up in Memphis and we have been trying to get this trip together since then!! They live in Indiana and so we wanna meet and see their town and this summer they'll come here to meet and see our town!!
This week is very busy with a church Children's Committee meeting, Nursery Coordinator meeting, Hair appointment w/ Joana, and packing for the trip with the grueling thought of flying with an almost 2 year old and me keeping my composure with flying b/c it freaks me out!!! I also have only flown once and when I did I got searched and my personal belongings were violated and searched all because of Chapstick when our traveling group got on that plane with fingernail clippers and a metal fingernail file!! So pardon me if I'm not "for" flying AND I'm terrified of heights!!! We will leave Little Rock airport at 10:35a.m. next tuesday and we'll have a 3HOUR layover in Chicago and have to reboard a different plane but it's all worth it to see my best girlfriend!!!! This is a God thing for real!!! In case you haven't heard the story of how Nichole and I met, here it is:

Nichole and I have known each other since we found out we were pregnant with our baby girls. We both were members of the What To Expect When You're Expecting forum support group. When you join, it separates you by your due date and you can also join specific forum groups on there too that are specific if you have issues or specific needs in your journey and she and I were in the June 2009 board where all the moms there had due dates in June. She and I clicked on there, I'm not sure when but I remember goin gaa gaa over her nursery decor and our due dates were reallllllll close (our girls ended up being 6 days apart; shelby was born June 12th and Cambry was born June 18th) and I think that led to a deeper connection where we exchanged Facebook and email info and from then on we've kept in close contact and talk almost everyday and if not, we text or Facebook for sure! Up until this past summer we had never met face to face and when we did that just sealed the deal that we truly are alike and BFF 's ( other than our husbands of course!)!!!
I can't wait to go to Indiana!!!!!!!!!!!! This is my sweetie pie, Cambry Paige:

Isn't she a doll!!!! All these pics are from the Memphis Meet-up and so our girls have changed A LOT since then!!!
These are the Hawkins! Nichole, Cambry and Noah

These are my girls:

Look at how little the girls were!!

This pic below melted our hearts! This was the last night and the girls were wiped out and this is now they ended up...soooo sweet!!!!

Such lil beauties!!
I cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh one last little post of pics....I got bored and had this fabric left from a project and decided to make this:

Sorry the pics are awful. They're from my phone. Lol...this is an 18month dress/top. I'm thinking of Shelby pairing this with her dark jeggings!

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Lori said...

Hope you have a blast with all that girl stuff going on. So glad that you have this opportunity. Our God is truly AWESOME!!!! Will be praying for you and your flying.
Blessings, Lori

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