Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Woot Woot Wednesday

I got to sew!! WOOT WOOT!!! :) I'M FINALLY CAUGHT BACK UP!!!! :) Now that I've said that, I'll be behind again :(
I finished up Erin's order, you can see the rest of it here w/ her ADORABLE outfits, and Erin's plans changed so I had more time to finish up which is great b/c the snow totally messed up my whole calendar of orders!! Stupid snow! LOL...but anyway, her Slender Duffle Bag turned out beautiful! It's really slender and great for all those little baby girl's toys and necessities!

I just love how the monogramming turned out! Thanks Teddy! :) He always customizes my work for me and soo sweet and prompt, :) Even though I'm always last minute :(....

I also got to sew up Rebekah's (great name btw! :) ) shower gift for her friend and finish it and I'm soo excited b/c SHE JUST FOUND OUT SHE'S HAVIN A GIRL!! :) yEAH!!!!! She's due July 11th and I just love the name they've chosen:  Makinley Michele
Here's the bag and wipe case she ordered for her friend....Love the colors! :) Very neutral and different than the usual girl bag!

Wipe case:
I love getting to use Minky Dot fabric! :) It's sooo rich and soft and just perfect as an accent to any bag! :) It also comes in ALL colors so it's perfect for any bag! :)

Speaking of babies, NO I' M NOT PREGNANT NOR ARE WE TRYING TO BE..LOL, but I was OVER THE MOON when I read Megan's blog  yesterday and found out they are expecting ( and read today's post to see even more exciting news!!!!!!)!! If you don't read her blog or haven't heard of her, she's a fellow Texarkana girl and friend of one of my friends, and she and her husband had a little boy 9 months ago and he had a heart condition and lived for 11 days and was delivered into the hands of God June 18, 2009. I highly recommend you reading her inspirational blog and add them to your prayer list! Her news today was BREATHTAKING AND TRULY GOD!! :)

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