Tuesday, March 29, 2011

*NEW*Tutorial Tuesday!

So I love doing Woot Woot Wednesday so much since it's just a day to shout out your praises for whatever is great and good in your life, I thought I'd do another "designated day". Tutorial Tuesday!! I have sooooo many ideas in my head I wanna share as well as some from my favorite bloggers so why keep it all inside when I can do something outta love and share it?! So, here's the first one for Tutorial Tuesdays!
This tutorial was showcased on one of my favorite blogs, UCreate

I just love this!!!!!!!! It's made outta old tees!
Tidbits is the creator of this beauty! Isn't it fabulous?!!!

Go check Her her blog out!!! And say I sent you and let me know and you will get a special surprise from me!!!

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Karen said...

Too cute! And Yay for tutorials. Since I'm new at sewing, I could use some instructions :-)

jellaan said...

What a great tutorial Bekah!! Thanks for sharing! Can't wait to make one up for Madeline....wish I had time today, but I'm working on her birthday presents!:)

CindyC said...

Great idea!
And I LOVE that tutorial. I feel inspired to make one of those dresses now! And probably go to the thrift store, too. :)

Cami said...

Thanks a ton! It's always so exciting to see my projects on other peoples blogs! Thanks for featuring!

Cami said...

I tried to add your button to my post and it didn't work. FYI.