Tuesday, March 1, 2011


So I think some sort of illness has struck me....I took Shelby to the dr. yesterday b/c she had a low-grade fever for 24 hours and turns out she was just fine and has a minor cold but me..no idea...i started feelin achy and drowsy and just like poop early afternoon and then got sick last night and tend to get sick still if I stand up or do anything...:( it hurt for the sheets to touch me last night...:( O well...k so i'll get off my pitty party lol...
My dear friend from Little Darlings is doing a giveaway but you MUST HURRY to enter (Sorry I'm just now posting about this but ya know me....Life= chaos)! She makes the cutest things and the little Tooth Fairy Pillow is adorable!!

(picture courtesy of Little Darlings)

So.....another interesting thing goin on here is that our shower is being renovated! :) We have the typical built-in shower-tubs that most homes have but ours, so I realized, is damaged. The previous owner hid the massive hole she made in the tub w/ a patch and I thought for the longest it was just soap scum she couldn't get off and so I'd just scrub and scrub but then I realized it was a flippin HOLE!!! So one relaxing bath-kinda-morning, I was washing my hair and my elbow started hurting so I look and the hole-patch now had a HOLE next to it!! OMG...and I busted my elbow :(....so Josh and I decided to just have the whole crap-tastic thing taken out and have an adult shower put in! :) We are having it done this week (thanks to our tax refund) and having a fully tiled in, floor to ceiling, big shower put in w/ a bench :)!! It's gonna be sooo fabulous! I'll probably live in there for a while LOL....We still have a tub in Shelby's bath (the guest bathroom) so we're gonna keep that b/c Shelby doesn't like showers for some reason lol....Here's the progress so far after only ONE DAY of construction!

Our shower before, that looks fine huh? what you can't see is the HOLE that's on the side of the tub that faces out!

WOO HOO!! no more craptastic-holy-tub! :) The two 3' walls will be sheet-rocked up but tiled inside and the walk-in will have no door. From the 2, 3' walls to the ceiling there will be glass and the rest is ALL TILE! EVEN THE CEILING! :) Also, they are moving our shower head up b/c as it is right now, it hits me in the neck! Yea, whoever did the showers must have been 4' tall b/c they are insanely low!! HATE THEM!!!!
The shower is supposed to be done THIS Thursday! :) Can't wait! I'll HOPEFULLY post more daily pics of the progress. I will for sure on Facebook. If you've not found me on Facebook (you can add me from my FB thingy on the left), please add me but make sure you let me know you're a blog follower b/c otherwise if I don't know who you are, I won't add you. :)

Today is a day where I'm just gonna revamp and relax and get out later to take some items to be monogrammed but other than that....i'm trying to get well....Shelby's at Miss Minna's today and tomorrow since she missed last week so I have a free day :). Tomorrow is sewing day! Got a diaper bag set and a duffle bag to do and then those orders are done! :) Then on to more!! I'm debating whether to post my projects order list on here or not....what do you think??
have a blessed 1st day of March!

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Jamie @ Happy House, Happy Home said...

Oooh I can't wait to see how your new shower turns out! I want to re-do ours with tile, but we're afraid to see whats behind the tub surround, so for right now, ignorance is bliss. :)

I bet you're soooo excited! Cant wait to see the final pics!