Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Kee Vacation Part II- DANCE NATIONALS!

And here we go again... 4 more hours on the road....
we left from Branson on Wednesday after a great 4 days of fun to St. Louis where shelby would dance thursday and friday with our dance family, KDAS, at her very first National dance competition!
Yeap.... loaded back up and the crew looks thrilled...lol
 WE MADE IT!!!! The hotel is awesome!

ready to rock it and show out at Nationals!
 Rhett's favorite spot.. our balcony overlooking the atrium and indoor pool
well we tried the pool and Bubby hated it.... too cold, but Sissy LOVED it and swam every day and chance she got at breaks

this pic cracks me up!! he was just relaxing on the balcony

 He did want sissy to sit with us but she was swimming....
 we all slept well and had a great night eatin in the hotel at TGIFriday's.. Rhett was tired and didn't like bein strapped in so we let him run around some and once again, we ate in shifts..haha...

And today is the first day of competing!! Make-up & hair....
DONE!! Headed to the convention center to rock it in Carwash!
spray tan, fake lashes, make-up and jewels..Oh my....

ready to go!

i just LOVE our Nationals team shirts for the studio!

 it was show your studio spirit sign day at Nationals... it was great cause our shirts and signs tied it all in and we won the spirit award that day too at nationals for the studio!we all had matching stick signs with each girls name, KDAS and rhinestones Gallore!
 time to stretch and mentally prep for her first ever dance Nationals competition!!

 She's ready!! wow... how did she grow so much? She's grown not only physically but also as a dancer sooo much this year! She loves dance so much and has made such awesome bonds and sisterhoods that will follow her as long as she's a dancer ....
 getting some last minute instruction and prep from her AMAZING teacher and Miss Texarkana Twin Rivers, RandeeJo Langley.

i love she feels it's necessary to make sure her toe is EXTREMELY pointed..lol

practicing before they go on.... yeap, Bubby is practicing too... haha
 Our studio has gotten flack about costumes, music, etc... but before ANY AND EVERY performance, our dancers pray and pray as a team....
God is present and we LOVE our Lord, lashes, spray tan, rhinestones, Hot Buns and tap shoes!

I LOVE THIS soo much...

 These Carwash Cuties are ready!!
 Sassy face!!
 there they go... *tear*
They rocked it!! Now we wait for awards... and got to watch AMAZING dancers and teams from all over the country...

"hey momma, take my picture ... i'm so sassy!"
 and we wait.... and wait.... and wait...
 Parade of signs time!!!
 I love how sheebs had the S

 we found the owners of Talent on Parade and decided to "show up and Show out" and we made it on the TOP website and WON the Spirit Sign Award!

 WOOO HOO!! Carwash won an Elite award (like 3rd place)!!!!
 National winners!!!!

 Time to celebrate w/ some family and friends!!

 Shelby's boyfriend was at national's too to watch his sister and shelby :) they LOVED the fish at Hard Rock... they followed them when they started walking off swimming in any direction they walked in.. haha

 Day 2 of competing....
started off strangely...we were getting ready in the hotel and i was done with eye liner and then this siren started going off and a voice saying we all had to exit the hotel.... found out that something caught on fire on the roof of the hotel!
So instead of just bolting, I grabbed the makeup, packed it in the dance bag that is large enough that Sheebs can fit in, and her costume and we headed down the 3 flights of stairs out the building.. we decided to just head to the convention center and get dressed and ready and OMG the dressing rooms were insane...but we got ready and she was just as happy and felt like a big girl to get dressed in the big girl's dressing room :)
 Her Big sis Melanie!! we love her and she won national titles too!!
 I don't know what they were debating but Joci disagreed... haha.. the Bff's are so funny...

 it was Blingy mom shirt day for KDAS....love them and it was soo cute and fun to wear! "KDAS Moms Bling it and their daughters Bring It!"
 They're ready for day 2 of dance and to Show Out!
 not before a little cafe time LOL...

 Sister gifts are always fun to give and get! TONS of candy is always given and received.. :)
 these costumes are some of my favorites! the order book called them "Little Beyonce's" haha... they are sure divas enough for them!

Spirit Noodle day too! Tashia's noodle was a huge hit!!

Bubby was soo ready for this dance stuff to end..lol  he was a hit though w/ ALL the ladies, dancers and anyone!

Good luck tiny tapper!

 These girls DID AMAZING!!!! It was the best performance they've done all year of Going to the Chapel! Definite Red Carpet worthy!

 Thank you SOO MUCH Karen for all you've done this year for KDAS and all the dancers... shelby's grown to love dance so much because of you and Emily and the staff of KDAS

daddy is so proud of his dancer! this was his first competition to attend. he may never attend another, but he was soo proud of her and dancing in front of 2,000 people is a HUGE accomplishment!
 Gotta 5 hour break before awards so we headed to a mall, for ice cream and a little R-n-R at the hotel...

she LOVES "escaVATORS" and had a hard time getting on them like i do haha...

 Bubby loved watching everyone in the hotel from above and that the bars made the highest pitch sound when he twisted them for ALL TO HEAR
 back to the convention center.... it's Noodle parade time and AWARD TIME!

 BRIDES WON ELITE (3RD PLACE) AND TOP 5 OVERALL FOR 8 AND UNDER!!!! they announced the Top 5 Overall award waaay after we left but it was great to wake up to in the middle of the night flooded with messages and FB posts of "Brides/Going to the Chapel won TOP 5 OVERALL FOR 8 AND UNDER AT NATIONALS!!!!"
 Bubby was proud of Sissy too.. or maybe just happy that we were done dancing and going to the competition..lol... i'm going to say proud of Sissy . :)lol
 This team is AMAZING and are truly Family.... nothing we wouldn't do for ANY of these girls or parents!

 it's time to pack up and head home.... this tiny dancer did awesome and the studio racked up with awards. not only did they receive awards but national recognition for being an awesome, WHOLESOME, RESPECTFUL, CLASSY, AND LOVING studio. We represented Magnolia well!
 and we're off for the...
 boys weren't as thrilled..lol... we did all make it and got home at a decent hour Saturday... it was a LONG DRIVE but we did it!

i know i put my cookie icing somewhere but i forget where i saved it.... lol

my phone had tons of Sheebee Selfies..lol
 we made it home and i gave her the new addition to her Little Carol collection...
Competition Team doll.. isn't it amazing? it has the EXACT outfit the team wears, even the hair barrette and earrings! Oh and the glasses match sheebs again! She LOVES it!
Little Carol Dolls

Little Carol Dolls

Her Little Carol Dolls collection... we have her first one, rainbow tap doll, Carwash doll, Competition Team Doll, & Going to the Chapel bride Doll
What a trip! it was amazing and we will never forget these days w/ our babies!

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