Monday, June 29, 2015

Kee Vacation Part 1

Last week we took an entire week off and took a Family Vacation! It was awesome and tiresome.  Shelby danced in her very first National Dance Competition in St. Louis at the end of the week so the beginning of the week we decided to take the kids back to Branson, MO.  We left on Sunday and stayed through Wednesday.  We stayed in a friend's condo and it was AMAZING! We are making plans to return and use it again in the fall!
Rhett got to ride rides this time and LOVED IT! We went to Silver Dollar City 3x in a row, the Butterfly Palace and we let shelby do the Bumper Boats once that we kept seeing over and over.
Here's a recap:
Look! there's a space to see out the back! :)

this boy ate ALMOST THE ENTIRE 4 hours to Branson. Yes, that's a PopTart in one hand and Mini-Muffin in the other....don't judge...
 As soon as we got to the condo, which was awesome inside and out fashioned on a beautiful golf course, we let Rhett nap before we headed to our first day of Silver Dollar City fun!
 our first ride!! Shelby LOVES Fireman's Landing at SDC and it's sooo great cause we could all 4 ride the rides together! Rhett LOVES the rides as much as Sheebs does!
we represented KDAS all week!
 after rides we went to listen to Great American Country in the GAC theater in the "hole" as I called it. haha...

Happy Father's Day!!

it was so breezy and wonderful down in "the hole"  haha  rhett LOVED the breeze
 After some resting and dinner we had a great night's rest and got up early to hit SDC again for day 2!
Rhett, well, he wasn't as enthusiastic.... lol

 Rhett LOVED watching Shelby ride the swings.. he said "Sissy.... Weeeeeee"

 Rhett's first ride and he LOVED IT! they spun round and round and bounced up and down! His next favorite was the Butterflies and Caterpillars that flew high in the air and round and round!

 Sissy flew high all week....
 Round and round we go on the TCups
KDAS reppin again!

Family Train ride..

 That night we went to her 2nd favorite place...
can you guess??

 Yeap! Dixie Stampede!

 Talkin to her favorite mare, Star...

 Day 3 of SDC...
amazing day! i rode more w/ Sheebs and Uncle Jeff, Aunt Cindy and Jack came too! Shelby and Rhett loved Jack and he was soo good w/ them
Oh and we saw the Duggar's! :)
 Fireman's Landing is a hit with Rhett....

I want to make these! but not red w/ Fire on them.. lol

their first ride together... she was so protective and he LOVED riding w/ Sissy!
Shooting w/ Aunt Cindy!

 Rhett found his favorite thing...
sprinklers and puddles!

and tiring....

Butterfly palace time...

and while Sissy was at the Bumper Boats, Bubby and I played in the Blacklight Golf... :) hahaha
in other words, free run around time!

we had a blast and from SDC and Branson... well we headed up 4 more hours to St. Louis.... that adventure begins later....

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