Tuesday, June 16, 2015

She's 6!!!!

I cannot believe Shelby is 6 years old! She had an amazing birthday filled w/ surprises, friends, yummy cake, horses, presents and memories! What a blast!! We love you shelby and thank you to all who made her day special!!
the day after her 1st birthday and now she's 6!
 We got shelby one of the cutest presents ever!
Meet Sprinkles the bunny! Her full name is Sprinkles Caramel Kee.... She was a foster bunny that shelby's choir teacher from church was fostering and she's suuuper sweet!
Here's the video of us surprising Sheebs:

thank you Miss Lauren for caring for Sprinkles and teaching her to use the litter box!

thank you Laura Imler for her amazing cake and cupcakes!

Loads of fun.... horses and friends....what more could she ask for?

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