Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Rider girl...

Shelby is ALMOST 6 years old...
she's just 2 days away...
how did that happen??
Her party this year is a Painted Horse Rider theme. Wonder where she came up with that idea? :)
This was fun to create and plan! I wish her coach could be here but they're representing Shaw Performance Horses right now in MANY events at Pinto World Championship. You can watch the show on live stream at Pinto's website.
Shelby is going to have a blast!  We are having it at the Story Arena where she will get to ride and watch some of SAU's very own rodeo girls ride and show out for her friends. Also, there will be a fabulous cake, cupcakes, games and loads of fun! Can't wait!
Here's what her invitations ended up looking like. I LOVE how they came out!I had fun designing these and creating her very own painted horse. She said if she could make her own horse it would look like this. :)
I blocked out my phone number
Our little rider is improving by leaps and bounds! Last week (she's not riding this week or the next two because of Pinto and her dance competition in St. Louis is in 2 weeks) she rode with the team! She did as they did and it was awesome! She got Badger to trot on command and all! I was in awe!

She loves this big oh boy!

a little warm up w/ Mr. Alan lead lining.

riding with the team

how did my baby get this big?
Here's some videos of her showing the big girls how it's done! LOL

Her party is going to be sooo fun! can't wait to see it all come together

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