Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Shelby's First Horse Show

What a weekend of excitement for our Shelby! She was in her first horse show in Ruston, LA on Saturday and it was a long day of "wait and hurry up, " as we learned is how horse shows are run. We were there 8 hours but it was the best 8 hours Shelby has had in a long time! We are so proud of our little rider! She competed in the Lead Line portion of the competition and her fellow Shaw Performance Horses team member, Abby, was her lead.  Shelby's friend & also a new Lead Liner on the SPH team, Lexie, also competed too. The judges were undecided who was the best so they both got 1st! SPH has some bright gems in their futures!
Rhett even wore his Wranglers and John Deere boots to support his Sissy

"Eeee Ahhh" he says "YeeHaw!"
She looked SOOOOO grown up after I got her dressed and her hair fixed. I had to hand-rhinestone all of her shirt and even learn how to do this special hair-do that riders have to wear for English and Western. Shelby and I were both proud of ourselves at how easy the bun was! Thanks to YouTube! The shirt was NOT easy but turned out soooooo great! She LOVED IT and that's all that matters and was worth the HOURS it took to do.
Shelby LOVES Badger. He's big gentle giant

seriously can't contain the tears at how amazing she looked and like a pro. She was soooo amazing and her look matched her confidence and pride she rode with.
 I LOVE how shelby's shirt turned out... good thing I know how to hand-stone clothing because the iron-on's I got didn't work and I had to hand-glue each stone!

stinkin cute....

happily delivering the poster I made for Alan and Linda to take to the Pinto World Show in Tulsa next week

She was soo proud to debut her first ever look for her first horse show. I teared up a little. She was posing for Mammy, Pop Pop, Daddy, Gigi, Gramps, Mr. Alan and Miss Linda.

"Gotta go find Badger and show him!"

 I think Badger approved of his little girl's look. He stood a little taller :)

 a little practice time...

 OMG look at her....

 Last minute pep talk by Mr. Alan.....
gosh how grown does she look?!

 There she goes...

 FIRST PLACE!!! On the biggest horse out there!!

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