Thursday, June 4, 2015

Last Day of Kindergarten

How did this day come sooo fast?
Her first day of Kindergarten just happened yesterday right?
Here's a little recap of the first day of Kindergarten.... Gosh, she's grown so much since then...
it seems like yesterday we were just heading to the "We're gonna be Kindergarteners" Swim party at the City Pool to meet the HUGE 2027 Magnolia Panther's Class

I LOVE that shelby's name is RIGHT THERE :)

Kloey and Shelby have known each other since they were 6 months old and to know they've been best friends all year in their first year of school warmed my heart :)

Kymber and Shelby became BIG BUDDIES at Mrs. Mandy's Learning Center (PreK) and have played almost every day together at recess even though they aren't in the same class.

I love the uncertainty on Shelby's face...she had no idea how awesome of a year she would have as an Owlet with Mrs. Summerhill

what a crew! Payton and Shelby have been friends for 4 years since they started dance together and then there's her BFF Kloey :)

Her first reaction when she saw her room for the first time.

Shelby and Berkeley became BIG BUDDIES which is awesome 'cause her mommy and I are big buddies and we are so thrilled Berk's daddy is SAU's new president :)

her exact reaction to how excited she was to go to school for the first time...that backpack and lunchbox lasted over half of the school year.... we converted to Owl's :)...gosh she was sooo little.....ok.. i'm crying again...
 She was soo excited to tell Bubby it was her first day of Kindergarten..he was happy too... GOSH HE WAS SO LITTLE TOO.... ***tears***
 there she went on her first day....
 and here she goes today on her last day... at least her last day is sunny!
 It's sooo unbelievable to see who she's become in such a short time...
 They read the poem, "The Kissing Hand" on the first day and made this for us and it has hung on our fridge all year since she made it...

Her AMAZING TEACHER compiled all the kids journals and gave them to the parents on the classroom's Mother's Day visitation and program that the Owlet's did. I kept them and made it into a book for us and for shelby to have. It's sooo special to me because it shows when she learned how to read and write and express her feelings for each day. Mrs. Summerhill has talked all year how great she is at writing and expressing herself through her drawing and writing. It may not be spelled right or the neatest but it is perfect in my eyes... I've laughed, cried and just been astonished while reading her entries from each day. Here's just a snippit of it....

this is the cover of her first journal from September

one of her entries from September before they learned to read and write

this is from january... JANUARY!! FROM SEPTEMBER TO JANUARY she could read and write a sentence! it says, "If it snowed I would drink hot coco." I corrected the spelling

and here is an entry on May 27, 2015.... A WHOLE PARAGRAPH describing the "life cycle of a chicken." YES, she knows life cycles of almost any animal!
It's so unreal that after today we will have a 1st grader! wow.... but the journey is just beginning and we are soo excited and proud of our "SheebeeShake." She's achieved SOOO MUCH this year and we couldn't have asked for more from her! All A's ALL YEAR LONG! Excellent behavior.... what more could we have asked for?! We are forever grateful for the staff and teachers of Magnolia's Kindergarten Center, especially her teacher, Mrs. Summerhill and teacher's aid, Ms. Clark. The Owl room was perfect for us and we are sad to leave. Thank you thank you thank you....

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