Thursday, June 18, 2015

Kee babies

These two are a fun handful. Hahah.. enough said...
for some reason this little goof likes to hug my fan when i'm gettin however, I LOVE IT TOO Bubby

 Sprinkles has well-adjusted, I think, to the Kee crazy house...or as should call it "Kee Koo Koo Farm" lol

 I went to get Rhett from the church nursery sunday and this is what I found LOL... He played played and they said they looked over and he was passed out. haha He always sleeps with his ankles crossed.

"Look how cute Sprinkles teeth are momma!" haha

We did an AWESOME craft this week....REAL Stained was HARD but so fun!
 Shelby has dance nationals in St. Louis NEXT WEEK and we are sooo stoaked! She had to create a Noodle spirit stick of some sort, so she and I made a KDAS Rider! Cute huh? Just a pool noodle, zebra duct tape, windmill and foam sheets :)

Swimming lessons are over and she did AWESOME!!!

She actually jumped off and attempted to dive this year!!

what a great summer already!!! next week we go on family vaca and dance nationals! woo hooo!!!!

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