Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Back in the Saddle

After 3 weeks of no riding, Shelby was very excited and happy to be back at Shaw Performance Horses and back in the saddle! Her usual horse, Badger, is off at Mr. Alan's dad's farm working and in the meantime, we weren't sure who Shelby would ride. She said yesterday morning, "if I can't ride my sweet boy, Badger, then I wonder if Mr. Alan would let me ride BJ that pretty paint horse?!" I told her maybe so but we will see who Mr. Alan has saddled up for her. She and I were GIDDY when we walked in the barn to see...

IT'S BJ THE PAINT HORSE! She's sooo beautiful! She's such a pretty sweet girl
 Shelby was soooooo excited and BJ did a great job! Shelby said, "She doesn't listen as well as Badger does to me but she's a good girl." haha our little horse so she thinks..
Back to Basics... working on balance
 She's now training for Showmanship... she's learning fast and doing so well... :) She also was excited to see Alex on Alex the pain horse and her Lead Liner that showed her in Ruston as they practiced too.

 This morning on the way to work shelby was telling me all about how she learned BJ's "tempo" and how important it is when she's training and making sure that she doesn't hit the polls. :) haha.. this is a serious rider :)

I love how she not only has fun riding but enjoys caring for the horses too.... i'm also glad that Mr. Alan teaches this and doesn't treat her like the princess she is but as an equal and as a student. He's sooo great w/ kids and the animals. We are so fortunate to be on SPH's team!

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