Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Summer w/ the Kee Crew

It's almost time for school to start and we are busy w/ summer activities, riding lessons, dance team auditions coming up soon, and just playing the days away (that is when we aren't working :) )...
these two are soo funny together, even when they do fight.  As Mammy would say, "Boy you're gonna spend your life in time-out!" haha.. Rhett is a little hornet and holds his own JUST FINE with Sissy....he even bullies her from time to time. LOL... They're growing TOOOOOO FAST and it's breaking my heart! I cannot believe I will have a 1st grader and a 17 month old  next month! How did this happen?
these two are soo sweet (sometimes) to each other and he LOVES to ride w/ his sissy
 The Besties spent another birthday together! This time it was Joci's 7th! They're so sweet together and love them so much or as Tashia would say "Love their Faces!"

Joci's amazing cake her momma MADE!! LOOVE it!

 Shelby's lunchbox and backpack this year are SOOOO CUTE!! I also ordered her a pencil pouch to match! Her name and and initials are also on it! :) Super cute!!!!
The website we got it from is Garnet Hill 
I can't wait for it to come in!!

 These little two are quite the pair....lol....

 And then this happened...
this was NOT the worst of it.... a bad stye and infection.... now i'm almost back to normal.. this started on Wednesday and this pic was taken FRIDAY! insane how bad it got and how fast! Thankfully I have an awesome eye dr and his staff to thank for the antibiotics and drops!
 This sassy girl even has style when it's 100 degrees out and she's gonna get dusty and stanky riding horses...

sweet BJ the horse and Topper the ranch dog :)

very good posture, except for the arched back! lol

I'm so proud of my babies and all they do even if it is just being silly or riding horses...God has so blessed us...

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