Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Summer Fun with the Kee Crew

Summer heat is intense but my kiddos love being outside so I have to suck it up.  All they need is a puddle or a bucket of water and they're happy. The additional frog or bug just adds to the excitement!
Pop Pop and Josh had to replace some boards on our deck so Rhett was inspecting it and supervising their progress.

My Mother's Day present from my love's is LOVING all this sunshine and heat!

We blew up the water slide but they wanted nothing to do with it so a bucket and some water made them super happy.

Max loves his girl

Some much needed cooling off and a cupcake... yeap...he put that ALL IN HIS HAIR next...

Bubby has been having allergy issues but that doesn't stop him from aggravating his Sissy


a puddle, water bottle that WAS full = total happiness

So all our porch flowers came from the $1-$5 bin at Lowes.... all they needed was some water and sunlight... imagine that!

Frog races... just like me and my brother would do

such a tiny frog

Hey! I wanna help w/ the Broom Broom

LOOVES riding w/ his Sissy

My heart explodes to see her so protective and concerned for his safety

I just LOVE Monday's with the babies.... lots of playing, cuddles, snacks, giggles and lack of housework :)
 Shelby has been riding on BJ for the last few weeks and she's a tough cookie to make go but Shelby isn't afraid to command her.  She's training in Showmanship and Trail still.  The heat makes for a tough lesson but she never complains because she's doing what she loves.

such a tiny girl w/ such a magnificent animal
I'm sad that summer is almost over and that Shelby will be going into first grade... wow how did the time go by so fast!!

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