Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Yes, I procrastinate

(Why use a camera when your phone takes great pics like this? well, I think they're great anyway....at least good! lol)
Ok so I know you were beginning to wonder, "Does she even sew or MAKE ANYTHING anymore? Geese! This blog has turned into a Shelby Brag Book!" Yes, that is true, but give me a break! lol... I do still create, once in a blue moon, when I've prograstinated as long as I can and all the catastrophe's that could occur have and the air's cleared out...
This bag was fun and a first. I've not used this plain fabric before. I'm not a "plain-fabric" kinda gal. I like patterns and color and pazazz! I think it turned out quite sweet and beautiful, for a boy bag. LOL... Boy stuff is so not fun to me, except when the mom's or customer's want something in paisley, or other pretty patterns in boy colors :)!
The interior of this bag is solid brown w/the paisley (the same on the strap) for the pockets. The embroidery work was FABULOUS thanks to Teddy, once again, at T-Sports! He always does my "signature stitchery" for my things that he does for no one else's so I feel special and blessed to have such a wonderful partner! Thanks Teddy & Donna! If you click on the first pic, you can zoom in and see the extra detail he does in my monogramming. There's a stitch pattern WITHIN the letters! :) One of my embroidery trademarks thanks to Teddy!
More bags & wipe cases to come! I promise! I've got AT LEAST 3 summer orders due by June & July so I guess I better start now before it gets to hairy in the Kee household! Shelby's almost walking so I better hurry! LOL
~God bless,


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