Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Growing up

A year ago Josh and I wanted to plant a tree (We have NO TREES in our entire yard, but somehow all the neighbors leaves end up in our yard) in the backyard and it be "Shelby's Tree." We found the most beautiful, as beautiful as a scrawny, twig-like tree w/no blooms or leaves could look as a young "tree-ling", at a local nursery and decided to make a little flower bed for it. It's a Red Dogwood tree. I've never seen a Red Dogwood so I thought it would be interesting. The Dogwood has always been special to me not only b/c it's the trees that are EVERYWHERE in my parents yard but it also is a symbol of Christ. See, the Dogwood is said to be the type of wood that the cross was made out of, so God demanded that Dogwoods no longer grow to be big trees like the Oak trees or other large trunk trees. The Dogwood bloom, if you look closely, represents a cross in the way it is shaped, the crown of thorns is represented in the cluster that forms in the middle, the edges of the petals have "blood spots" on them to represent the blood from his head, feet and palms and the traditional tree blooms are white to represent his purity. Did you know that? :) Just a little tid-bit FYI :)...I love symbolism!
So, anyway...the tree never has bloomed, UNTIL THIS YEAR!! It bloomed ON EASTER for the very 1st time which was also Shelby's 1st Easter and our 1st Easter as a family of 3 and it has 6 blooms on it!

Shelby got this cute little push walker thing that also turns into a little car for her to "Flinstone" around on (ride) that the "Easter Bunny" got her. We put it together, since the Easter Bunny forgot to do that part, last night and let her play w/ it out in the yard while Josh mowed the front. I laughed b/c it looks like Shelby is mowing the backyard! Oh and isn't she cute in her "Traditional South Arkansas Attire?" lol... She had a bow on but didn't wanna "mow" in it and risk getting it dirty! lol

~God bless my growing family of 3 & keep us safe and secure in Your arms,

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CindyC said...

What a lovely Easter present. I love red dogwoods - they almost glow, don't they? :)

It looks like you had a beautiful weekend of celebrating and relaxing. And could Shelby be any cuter?!

Have a great day!