Monday, April 12, 2010

10 Months

Wow! We are officially in the DOUBLE DIGITS of months now! Shelby was 10 months old today at 7:54am! Hard to believe it. She is soo amazing! Her personality is soooo striking and full of life! She definitely has her daddy's stage presence and fearlessness! I have a feeling, I'll be sitting alone on a bench somewhere in an amusement park while she and her daddy ride ALL the rides! I am NOT a rollercoaster-heights-fearless-individual! Josh, he is so therefore, I can already tell by Shelby's personality, she will be too! I HOPE SHE IS! It's not fun being a fuddy-duddy but I CANNOT get over my fear of heights and really, I'm 27, what's the point now? haha.. I"ve made it this far w/o being embarrassed to not ride rides as a kid and teen so why try now?! I DO LOVE Waterparks though! :) I even hate the swings people! I have a fear that my chains will break or that I'll go flying out somehow. I know, hardly EVER happens (maybe never?) but I WOULD BE THE 1ST, rest assure!
Well, Shelby is now crawling 90 to nothing, pulling up very well, standing while barely holding on, walking around things holding on w/ at least 1 hand, has said "Maamaa" & "DaaaDaa" numerous times, found her tongue b/c now anytime she makes any noise or sound that pointy little tongue (looks like a lizard tongue!) is usually sticking out, waves "Bye Bye", gives "5 5 5" (low five, not high five)and u have to say " 5 5 5" or she won't do it, PULLS HER HEADBANDS OFF ( I KNOW NUMEROUS OF YOU WERE WAITING FOR THIS DAY and I find that semi-rude b/c I think headbands are adorable on babies and ya know, SHELBY IS KNOWN FOR HER HAIR ADORNMENTS AND I'M OK W/ THAT AND THEY DO NOT SQUEEZE HER HEAD OR CUT OFF ANY TYPE OF BRAIN FUNCTIONING LIKE NUMEROUS LADIES HAVE MUMBLED UNDER THEIR BREATHE!) but she only takes them off at feeding time and when she's tired which is not uncommon considering I TAKE THEM OFF AT THOSE TIMES SO SHE ASSOCIATES THAT W/ THOSE TIMES WHICH IS GOOD AND FINE W/ ME :), she wears shoes and likes to especially chew on her shoes while they are on her feet (long past my days of that, she is very clingy towards us now when we leave but not to the point of alligator tears and our hearts breaking in two, she had her first "Boo Boo" this week ever (Dee Dee bit her in the face last night....savin that for another post b/c it was traumatic. she's fine and so is Dee Dee, for now), LOVES her picture taken (as u can tell by Stacy's pics!), loves to be outside, loves to watch her movies that are full of color (especially "A Bugs Life," "Tigger & Friends", "Finding Nemo", "Horton Hears a Hoo"(Sp?) and anything w/ lots of color, she's learned to get her way, and is the sweetest little bundle I've ever seen!
Weighs: a little over 19 lbs
Length: 27 3/4" long
Eats: 4, 5-8oz bottles a day; 1-2 veggies (containers), 1-2 fruits (containers); snacks: fruit loops, yogurt melts, honey-nut cheereos, banana/strawberry puffs; drinks Apple Juice out of the level 2 lid of her Nuby cup (:) 1 more and it's FULL ON SIPPY!!); table-food: green beans (whole string beans), mashed potatoes (HER FAV!), has had some carrots, ice cream, pudding, and a tiny piece of a donut hole! lol... she mainly eats mashed potatoes but has eaten the other stuff before but not consistantly! :)
Had her first bath in the "big tub" last month and LOVES it and loves to play w/ her toys; had her first bath w/ mommy this month which kills two birds w/ one stone (mommy gets clean & shelby gets clean), POOPED IN THE BATH FOR THE FIRST TIME (Shelby, not and mommy got to clean that up butt naked and laughing all at the same time with of my weekend, needless to say!
And.....that's all my exhausted brain can think of at this time....

I cannot imagine my life w/o this little spit-fire! These past 10 months have been the most amazing, eye-opening, jaw-dropping, frightening, painful, joyful, tearful, happy, frustrating, life-changing, God-filled days of my life and I would not change ONE SECOND OF ANY OF IT!
Thank you Lord for my beautiful family of 3 and for Shelby who is truly a miracle from You!

~God bless,

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