Thursday, April 1, 2010

Seder Celebration

Our church family celebrated it's very 1st Seder Celebration Meal last night. It was fabulous! Instead of me going into a lengthy explanation of this, if you go here, it's all there for you to read. We celebrated this as a Christian Seder/Christian Passover meal. I volunteered to be a hostess of a table, which seats 8, and as a hostess, I was to decorate my own table as a reflection of my "likes" and I think it turned out great! I didn't have to buy anything, I just picked up things from around the house. If you are to come to my house today, it looks like we've been robbed by decorative theives! lol...
I finally got to use my "china", yes the Harlequin dishes are my "Fine China". :) When we were registering for our "china" we wanted something we would actually use and enjoy and not something dainty and fragile. The other pieces on my table are just taken from almost every room our home.
(If you click on the images, they will enlarge)

The Seder Meal was very educational and brought a new way of celebrating Easter. If our church doesn't do this next year, which a lot of us hostesses put a bug in the pastor's wife that we think we should, then I want to continue this with my family.
Easter isn't about bunnies, candy, eggs, pretty dresses, pastel colors and easter grass. It's about remembering and celebrating our Lord's ressurection and Him dying for OUR SINS. Please, as Bro. Steven encouraged us last night, when you do have your Easter egg hunts and all the fun w/ your children, take time, as I will also, and explain THE TRUE meaning of Easter. Do not let this "holiday" become so overwhelmed w/ the world that you lose the true beauty and symbolism why we celebrate this HOLY day.
~God bless,


Sabrina @ my little slice of pie said...

What a neat tradition to begin. Happy Easter. Oh btw I have the fabric you all used for table runners. It looks awesome w/the china.

Dina said...

Hey Bekah,

I do the Golightly's blog and I just saw your comment. If you call the store they may be able to ship the items if you are interested. The number is 817-656-9780. Thanks! dina