Wednesday, April 21, 2010

So far, so good...

Well, (Ok so I realize I usually start my blogs w/ "well", "so" or "ok", but ya know....that's just me, i guess...haha)
Well, (try again)I think I've done well so far on my progress for making items for Nichole to sell at her booth on May 1st in Indiana. I am PUMPED beyond degree about this and cannot imagine the exposure Bizzy B's will get! Not to mention, the love I feel from Nichole for even OFFERING to sell my things at HER BOOTH! WHICH, btw, will be FANTABULOUS (that, if you don't know, is "fantastic" & "fabulous" mixed together)!!
So far, so good...what cha think?
I GOT 9 DONE LAST NIGHT!!! I ONLY STAYED UP TILL 11PM! :) When I did finally go to bed, Josh says, "Hey! Did you get a lot done? Good!" ALL IN ONE pause for me to he was sooo asleep and doesn't remember any of it. lol.. I just giggled and passsssseeeeedddddd out!
These are the new additions to the Fashionista Clips (I remade one b/c the original idea belongs to Stacy :)

The green puff w/ the costume emerald in the middle pictured funny. Guess my camera thought it was too bright and vetoed picturing it right like the others. LOL.. It is pretty bright but OOoooo soo cute!

Ok, so now I'm at a mindblock, what should I do next as far as bows?? Any suggestions? These were pretty far-out there but were so fun and exhibit me, all of me, in each one. These can be worn for the mom, infant, toddler, tween, teen, college gal, granny, etc.... They can also be worn in the hair alone, on a headband or even clipped to some chunky beaded necklace, which I'm gonna model different ways to wear these later on for y'all and for Nichole to have to display since I can't be there to do it myself (*tear*...why I have to live 12 hours from my best friend and sister-in-Christ, I dunno! Beats all I've ever seen! :( we fuss about it daily... We could have the most AWESOME shop ever if we didn't live so blasted far apart!! Ugh!) I need help, what are some of your fav's I've done that I should do for Nichole? Visit my "Creations" tab above and go through the bows slideshow.
~God bless,


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Janet said...

HiBekah - Cute stuff, I love the new hair clips. Thanks for the link to my blog!!! :)