Thursday, April 29, 2010


Well...let the fun begin! I've just gotten word that Nichole received my two boxes that cost the earth to ship containing 21 Fashionista Clips/Bows, 6 Wipe Cases & 6 bags of all shapes and sizes. I am beyond excited!!! The festival she has a booth at will host her AMAZING jewelry that she makes as well as my items. I cannot thank you enough Nichole for offering to sell my creations and get my name out there to the fellow Indiana folks! Wow...

This necklace above is what Nichole made for me that I cannot WAIT to get my hands on! I'm already thinking I'll need a fabulous outfit to wear it with! ;)

THIS IS MINE (b ring)! :) YEAH!!! How I didn't figure it out that she made it for me when she sent me the pics, I dunno...blonde roots for sure run deep in me...haha...

Nichole is soo flippin talented and we sobb daily over how we LONNNNGGGG to live even remotely close to one another and have a store. We also battle w/ God over why He put us so far away from one another and yet continue to flourish our creativity and mesh it together! UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am sooo nervous about the festival! I wish I could be there w/ her! She sent me emails giving me the set-ups she has for the items and MAN, is she talented! I guess I'm nervous b/c I'm really self-conscious when it comes to my creations. I guess I try to make them perfect and nothing is perfect but I worry that there's a flaw and someone will see it and...on and on.....and on....'s a few BRAND New items I sent to Nichole (thank you to my little Bizzy B, Shelby, for cooperating enough to get these shots in mid-crawl as I tried to not let her destroy them):

For more information on Nicholes's creations, please email her at:
Keep Nichole in your prayers as she tackles this festival on Sat., May 1st w/o my help :(! I feel awful and WISH I didn't live like 12 hours away :(...Also, pray it doesn't rain! If it does, they will reschedule it to next weekend!
~God bless,
we are takin the Rollin Turd to see Josh's brother and his family (like 4+hours away) tomorrow so PRAY FOR US
~God bless ya,

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