Thursday, December 2, 2010

It's that time again...

Here's what the interior looks like around the Kee home:
I decided to try my hand at wreath making this year and I think they turned out pretty darn cute!
This is the front door wreath:

This is the back door wreath that actually hangs on the wall next to the back door b/c there's not an easy way to hang a wreath on the back door that would actually stay. lol, we slam it a lot:

I just love this pic of Shelby! LOL I had to include it again! She was soo tickled to have my wallet. It's a daily game we likes to take it and walk around w/ it. LOL... any hoo....
I've totally re-done my decor from how I usually do it this year. We added this GORGEOUS Santa picture we found for $35 at Kirklands (WHICH SHOULD HAVE BEEN ADDED TO MY FAV'S LIST FR YESTERDAY'S POST) and I added some extra "stuff" I got when I went to Holiday House. I also got our new MATCHING stockings from Kohls! :) $10 each!!!

This year I didn't put up my infamous white tree w/bright color and feather's like I usually do in the guest room just because it wouldn't match that room's decor (not like it ever has before) & it wouldn't be balanced outside if you looked b/c we would have only 2 trees in the front window's instead of 3 (we usually put this tree above in our bedroom) and if you've been reading my blog for a while you know how I am about 3's. I think things are more balanced in 3's than a couple which is funny b/c our family is 3! LOL anyhoo..instead we did the 1/2 tree thing again this year!! Yeap! This tree above & below in the living room half of our great room is only half the tree! We didn't put the back branches on it and so it's just shoved against the window and "appears" to be a full tree when it's just the front part! :) LOL..saves space! This tree is also one that Shelby can touch and play w/ her Little People Nativity set that we put below it. :)

Isnt' it gorgeous light? Josh decorated this one pretty much all his own :).

 This is our main tree that is full of sooo many memories and blessings from sooo many people! See, in case you've forgotten or didn't know, we got married Dec. 11, 2004 and my mom had THE GREAT IDEA to put a HUGE ( I think it was 10 feet tall) Christmas tree in our reception that the guests would bring an ornament to adorn it with for us to have to take as a blessing for our marriage and new life together and to decorate our tree as a couple. :) Needless to say, this tree has JUST THE GOLD ornaments we received and the other tree has our silver ornaments on it (we didn't put all the silver one's on it this year b/c it would have fallen over! LOL).

 I just love how traditional and special this tree is. I can't wait to have Shelby help us decorate it and us explain each ornament to her and who gave us which ones and what they mean, etc... :) As much as I'd love to have this tree be as stylish as those I see in the florist shops downtown, I wouldn't trade the meanings, memories and love this tree holds for all the glitz and glamour!
 This is one of my Favorite decorations! I collect nativity snow globes and Christmas tree figures and this snow globe was also a wedding present from a dear friend of my family Miss LouElla and everytime I see it and take it out of the GORGEOUS Christmas old-fashioned hat box she gave it to us in, I think and pray for her. I would DIE if something were to happen to this! It's sooo gorgeous and out of reach of "little hands" this year but not out of reach of "little eyes" where she oooo's an aaaahhh's and says, "jeeesssseeee" which is her way of saying "jesus". LOL....

 I went for simple and NON-BREAKABLE decor on my end tables this year b/c Shelby can reach these and it's ok b/c the balls aren't glass! LOL...
 This is "Santa's House" and Shelby just loves it! It's on top of my Dept. 56 Village collection cabinet that we moved by the back door and playroom where she can see it better and b/c it was near the front door and we needed more room to put the main tree up. LOL..
 Shelby's now learned to open this but is soo careful, which FLOORS ME, and NEVER (SO FAR) takes any of the figures out (which are breakable). She just plays w/ them in the cabinet and there's cracker crumbs and the figures aren't in their places but I love it. :) If you know me, you know this is HUGE b/c everything HAS TO be in it's place. LOL... Crumbs & upside down mix-matched figures and trees is perfection!
 This cabinet was Josh's mom's and when she got new dining room furniture she gave it to us and I JUST LOVE IT and Josh put some of my fav Cmas dishes in it! :) I also got to experiment w/ my ribbon and garland and I think it turned out pretty on top!

 We decided to put my Cmas tree collection & BREAKABLE Natvity on top  of the entertainment center and it's pretty!! I added the ribbon and garland up here too and I think it unifies my decor b/c this year the common theme seems to be red's and green's. To me, that's key. Find SOMETHING to tie everything in together with whether it be that you use all snowey-typed things or colors, reindeer in parts of each area or just choose a main accent color.
 I did my ornament floral arrangement again that got so many compliments this year and this seemed to be the ONE THING Josh made sure I did again. LOL... seriously? it's just fake flowers and greenery w/ non-breakable ornaments LOL.... O well... I do love it thought! :)

 These pics are just TOO CUTE AND PRECIOUS to pass up. She LOVES her Nativity scene and it's soo great b/c she can play with it since it's ALL Little People!!

 So after picking up Shelby from Miss Minna's  I decided to re-do my dining room table b/c I hated how it looked w/ this tall vase and nothing else so we had to go to walmart anyway tonight so I got ornaments for $1 each a $10 wire bowl & some fabric for $5 I got a long time back as well as using our $4 cardboard trees and cute little art project for the week Shelby & I did for "Daa Daa" and I LOVE the table now. Minna's table is FABULOUS and totally inspired me!!!

And last, but not least, Shelby's room! She has 2 trees! One she helped decorate that DOES NOT have lights or things she could harm herself with and the other one that's light and on her night stand/hamper that does light up & has bumble bees w/ pink & green  ornaments. Shelby helped decorate the one on the floor and ACTUALLY PUT THE RHINESTONE STAR ON TOP HERSELF WHEN I TOLD HER TO!!
wwwwhhhheeewww that's a lot of pics and now i'm exhausted ! LOL... inside decor= DONE, outside decor= to come!

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