Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Crunch

First off, this post is gonna be short and sweet b/c this week is definitely Crunch time! I've got to wrap ALL our gifts and mail out a slew of stuff tomorrow to get to my friend by Christmas, which I PRAY IS FEASIBLE! ALSO, I'm stoaked to see I'm ONE follower away from 100!! WOW! I remember when it was just 5  people! LOL...I've also got a POSSIBLE opportunity to sell my Vintage Clutches in an AWESOME store here in town on the square! :) Soooo excited! God is totally blessing my socks off!!

I've done some pretty cute, NEW, items lately for some special people in my life and want to share these new items/designs with you!

 Custom Dance-size Duffle Bags

 Kids Apron (More pics to come later!) 
AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST, More Vintage Clutches, Checkbook Covers & Coin Purses!
 I've been a VERY Bizzy B! LOL...
~God bless & Merry Christmas,

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