Saturday, December 11, 2010

6 years? ALREADY?

This was one of my favorite bridal portraits done before our wedding day and I love it b/c it shows the beautiful stain-glass windows I grew up loving to look out of as a child at my home church. My doctor's wife took our photos and I LOVE how great the bridal pics turned out!

 These are my favorite pics of me and Josh! Stacy took these back in April and they capture US. :)

Wow, time really does fly!! Today is our 6 year wedding anniversary (Dec. 11, 2004 seems like yesterday)! I am shocked to reflect on the last 6 years and all we've gone through and experienced! Wow! To read how we met, go here and enjoy! It's a sweet story and I am soo blessed to call Josh my husband, best friend, lover & father to our child.
I love how we have pictures of just us and then have pictures of the "US" now...(well us back in April; we need to take some current family pics but life is busy with a toddler! LOL)

I also can't believe this was our family last year....

(Branson, MO October 2009 shelby was almost 5 months old)
and now look at us (sorry the pic is soo blurry and I dunno why I've got my face so squished in my double chin/fat face Bek! great job! lol...)
(You can't really see Shelby well...she looks soo young here but is a lot bigger than she looks :( )

Happy 6 Year Anniversary Josh! I love you more each day and each year! Thank you for being who you are and what you stand for! You are the best husband and father! I love you! 

~God bless,

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jellaan said...

Happy Anniversary Bekah!!