Monday, December 13, 2010

Gala 2010

Thank you for all your kind anniversary wishes! We had a great one and celebrated in style at the annual SAU Gala. This is a big "thank you" to all those who donate even a penny to SAU and support SAU. It's always an evening of fellowship, food and dancing. To me, it's a great big celebration for our anniversary too! LOL.... It is always the 2nd Saturday in December which is always around our anniversary. The only year we have not gone was in 2004 when we got married! :) Here's some pics from previous years...(i'm missing 2004, 2005 & last years I HATED so I didn't even upload no 2009):

December 2006 
 December 2007
 December 2008

Here are this year's pics!! We had a great time and great anniversary!

 I also got our Christmas cards IN AND ADDRESSED!! WOOOHOOO....this week is CRAZY! We have a Christmas party EVERY NIGHT but tonight, so we are already tired thinkin about it!! lol....we've also got NO CHRISTMAS SHOPPING DONE but we always wait to get it done the 3rd Sat. in Dec. so we are doin that Saturday and it be our "date day" :)....
~God bless,


Mrs. Claus said...

You look like movie stars on the red carpet. Your dress is absolutely gorgeous this year. I am always impressed by the Gala pictures each year!!

Ashley said...

You look younger every year... Lucky girl! Love your dress!