Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Woot Woot Wednesday

Well, as I promised, here's the videos from the dance rehearsal/recital from shelby's 2nd year of dance...
she was sooo funny and had a blast!! the ballet video is rough ( a friend took it and it was last minute but it's still cute) :)
if in case you can't tell, Shelby's the one who's shakin it the most in each video LOL
Jazz (these are the costumes I made and LOOKED great on stage!)
Rehearsal(she's the one who makes sure she's on her X and starts out 3rd fr the end):

Here's the video from recital(she's the 5th one from the left who keeps makin sure she's on her X haha):
Shelby is on the end in this one! This is "At The Hop", Tap:
and last but not least here is Ballet, "Mermaid Ballerinas"(shelby is on the end in this one):

In case you can't tell, she's NOT shy at all when it comes to dance or performing! :) I'm so glad she loves dance and can't believe she just finished her 2nd year! we are soo blessed w/ this little miracle I thought we would never have! :) How amazing God is!

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Sandi Burns said...

Thanks for sharing these videos! We were not able to go to the recital. Glad I got to see them dancing!