Tuesday, May 21, 2013

New Bizzy B's items!

Designed by me, Bekah of Bizzy B's..... every time I hear the word Oklahoma I've always sang "...where the winds go sweeping through the plains..." but now my heart aches because of this wind...
First off, In the light of all the storm turmoil and disaster, I can't imagine the pain the families of the children who were lost and those that died are feeling but I know today, it was like ripping my heart out to leave Sheebs....I hugged her extra tight and longer and made sure to get THE PERFECT kiss before I left and hear her say "I love you mommy" before I cried myself to work and prayed out loud for God to protect her and have her guardian angel and ALL OUR FAMILY watch over her and hold her EXTRA TIGHT.. i cannot imagine losing her and so I pray for comfort and peace for those that did....

I was asked to make a bag similar to one I made before and if you know me, you know I DO NOT make any bag the same so I changed it up a little bit.  This was ordered by a husband for his wife for Mother's Day! How sweet is that?! He told her last night and she loves it! I mailed it today and can't wait to hear from them when they receive them!

I also got to paint too! I painted this for a friend who ordered this for her little boy's class to sign the middle and give to the teacher at the end of this week! :)

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