Tuesday, May 14, 2013

2nd Year of Dance comes to an end....

wow.. i can't believe shelby's second year of dance has ended and all she's learned amazes me!! It makes my heart jump seeing how happy she is when she dances... She lights up on stage and it's soo cute!!!
I enjoyed seeing her and making her jazz class costumes and all those little divas shakin it! :)
Shelby's little heart is soo full of love, compassion, joy, and pureness that it makes me sad to know one day she'll grow up and all that will change :(.... but right now, i'm gonna soak up our precious Sheebee Shake!!
Here's pictures from rehearsal, recital and the dance pics we got back! TOMORROW... the videos will come!
Karen & Emily, KDAS Owners and Teachers, surprised me w/ a picture and ad of my design from Sheebee's Jazz Class

Can't believe how she's changed in a year! From a "Meese-Cat (Siamese Cat)" to a Bunny...

her bowing partner at recital she's also befriended and loves!

Prof. Jazz picture

Such a pretty bunny

Joci, CC & Sheebs... needed some playtime outside before their debut as the Choo Choo Soul Girls at recital

most precious bunny i've ever seen

doing so well in her straddle split in Gymnastics

Loves the high beam

tying her ballet shoes before her turn (tried to tie them anyway)

BFF's for life!!

Beautiful Mermaid Ballerina

Silly Bunnies

can't believe how much she's changed from the tiny ballerina to the beautiful poised Mermaid Ballerina she is today

priceless expression sheebs.. she wasn't prepared for this shot lol

must have told her to be a sweet bunny hhahaha i can hear her say, "Awww"

Choo  Choo Soul girls...

I had to jazz up her Recital shirt :)
I'm soo proud of you Sheebeeshake and who you are today! I love you baby girl....

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