Tuesday, August 12, 2008

About "Moi" in more detail

So in my little "About Me" section it kept telling me, "You cannot exceed 500 characters." Well, I guess I did so here...
Here is what I WANTED to put IN-DEPTH "About Moi":
I am a full-time secretary/assistant at SAU (Southern Arkansas University)as well as a happily married woman of 3 years to my awesome husband Josh, who also works for SAU as the Associate Director of the Foundation. I adore him more than I could ever express. We were high school sweethearts and God has worked through us in ways that amaze me every day. I love his red hair! That's my 2nd favorite feature of him! His ice blue eyes captivate my soul and melt my heart every day. He is a wonderful man of God with a servant’s heart and a leader in all he does. He is my soul mate.
We do not have any children yet but are trusting in God’s will and God’s time for that step in our lives. However, we do have a "fur baby" named Dee Dee. He's a 5 year old Yorkshire Terrier. He's not the normal teeny tiny terrier but the larger breed, 15 lbs to be exact! He is my baby. He loves his mommy and tolerates his daddy and loves to cuddle ALL the time. He is known as “the grand-puppy.” His personality shines every day.
I have always been a creative child and now woman who loves anything I can do with the hands God has given me. I began sewing in February of 2008 when my mom gave me my first sewing machine for my 25th birthday. I come from a musically and artistically talented family so God has truly blessed me with a creative eye and heart for art & design. I graduated in May of 2005 with a Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design and Art History and have always tried to find something I love to do that I can use my talent from God for. I long to spread the word of God through all aspects of my life but also through my little past-time. He has given and blessed me with so much. I long to bring the lost to His kingdom. Praise and ALL glory be to God!
I hand-make and design all my creations. I LOVE color and bright patterns! I sew anything from purses, totes, bags, diaper bags, outfits, YOU NAME IT, and I’ll try it! I also make hair bows and crochet! Crocheting is a new –found talent that I picked up really quick. I’m working on a baby blanket that I know I’ll finish one day. Anything you might have in mind, I can try to do! I have a willing heart to be open to any creativity that comes my way!
I have friends and family that cannot view my MySpace page so I’VE FINALLY decided to make one of these. I’ll periodically update with new pictures and designs so keep in touch to see what comes to mind next!
Thank you for taking the time to visit my new site and if you have any questions, please contact me via email:
If you have MySpace access, visit me: www.myspace.com/bizzybs
Psalm 46:10 “Be still and know that I am God…”

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