Monday, April 25, 2016

Wizard of Oz fun and Horse Show #2 Fun

Friday night shelby and I had a girls night w/ Mammy, Gigi, her BFF's Kloey and Ryne.  We saw the production of the Wizard of Oz at SAU and it was FANTASTIC!! Their classmates were munkins and flying monkies. It was soo sweet to see them cheer them on and giggle throughout the play!

even had a "reunion of the owlets" with her 1st teacher, Mrs. Summerhill. This was her 1st Magnolia Owlets Kindergarten class w/ special guest Ryne

our favorite Lion

sweet Dorothy was AWESOME

The Scarecrow WILL ALWAYS have a special place in our hearts as he's about to embark on his new adventure at OU...

These two were super impressed and in awe of Glenda

she loved how the Wicked Witch made her creepy pose w/o her knowing!
SAU Never ceases to amaze me! The musicals and plays ARE TOP NOTCH and always on par! So blessed to work here and be apart of such an awesome family!

Shelby had her 2nd horse show of this season in Ruston, LA at the Cotton Country Open Horse Show Association and it was a LONG but fun day! She was in 10 classes and placed in the Top 5 in 8 of the 10! She was in 3, 13 and under classes and the rest were Open classes (for any age, where she was the youngest BY FAR....with ADULTS!). She also did her 1st Halter and Showmanship (SMS) classes and did sooo well! She won 1st in the 13 & under SMS class and  3rd in the Open Halter class (adults!)! She had an absolute blast! A few dramatic, tired moments but we ALL had them! She saw friends she made last season and made new ones!
Rhett spent the day w/ Daddy and Mammy & PopPop. He got to go to the park, got a haircut and SAU to play around!

cleaning her boots because she said, "I need to look nice"
 practicing SMS before her 1st class and she and Hershey were ready and a little nervous, but did sooo well! The first time is over and she's ok now!

1st in SMS & 3rd in Halter
 She insisted on changing into her Horsemanship (HMS), Western Pleasure top and vest... I WAS SHOCKED AND GIDDY!! She looked like 13 years old and SOOOO SPARKLY in the show pen! LOVE it and it's going to be PERFECT at the World show this summer!

This was right before the last classes started, Trail classes and we were all tired and came out to practice out back and saw this and Shelby, Hershey and I just paused, marveled at God's painting and took a breather. 😊

This judge, Stoney Richard, was great and shelby told me last night that he and his partner were SUPER NICE AND HELPFUL....she said, "I forgot to set Hershey up and he whispered, 'set her up' and smiled at me. That made me feel less nervous." smile emoticon anyone who can be kind, encouraging and helpful to my kid is #1 in my book! smile emoticon


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