Friday, April 15, 2016

Random fun

These last 2 weeks have been a whirlwind! The days have either been really beautiful to play outside or they've been REALLY nasty and you need a storm shelter! Here's just a recap of pics from our last 2 weeks from Sissy & Bubby fun, girls night, riding and Horse Show prep...
this may look normal, but he has on Shelby's hot pink boots, that are his favorite. haha

this is his "Ewww" face... he said it smelled outside

this was prior to her getting stepped on which aided in a lesson on learning about how horses see versus how we see. It was FASCINATING! She learned a lot and this week ROCKED lesson and Showmanship practice! Made all the difference!

Indoor playtime for Sprinkles

Girls night in texarkana w/ my girl Mandy. We had a blast having dinner, a movie, hotel stay and shopping

caterpillar find while mommy was gone

his caterpillar is now in it's cocoon and he doesn't like that she's still asleep haha

Shelby lost her 2nd tooth on Sunday afternoon. It literally FELL OUT. She raked her tongue across it and it just Popped out.

Rhett loves his lasar twirly gun from mammy and pop pop. it made for a cool picture but makes my nerves stretch

Daddy and PopPop put up the new trampoline net while I was away w/mandy and so the kids can now SAFELY jump. Rhett was getting gymnastic lessons from Sissy.

tiny merman

bedtime snuggles w/ Sissy

Shelby would've had her 2nd show this weekend but it was cancelled because of Strangles outbreak and the one before was cancelled because of the flooding. HOWEVER, we are going to a new show in Sulphur Springs, TX so I HAD TO fix her chaps because they were too tight around the legs. It was a success! They aren't perfect, but they work! I also fixed her hat to fit better! A week of success in making things work! :)


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