Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Kee kiddos

So I forgot to post pics from Easter... haha... but, Easter was great! the kids looked SOOO CUTE, the weather was perfect and we had a great weekend as family...

This week has been good and trying. Josh has been at his annual conference he goes to each year and this time it was in Dallas. The kids and I had a good 4 days and managed! It was a lot easier than I had thought but it was ALL BECAUSE OF GOD and nothing I did.  Bedtimes went smoothly, long but smoothly, they slept ALL NIGHT EVERY NIGHT, the woke up, for the most part, in good moods, got ready when asked and we were out the door for each day of events in a timely fashion! We had a lot of our normal activities to keep us busy so that kept my mind off Josh not being here.  That lowered my anxiety a lot, along w/ CONSTANT Prayer! The kids were so well-behaved and we had a lot of fun together as just us three.  We played outside, watched movies, shelby had horse lessons while rhett played with PopPop, went to church and had our usual activites there w/ our church family and then school started. Josh came back last night and the kids squealed when they saw him :)


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