Monday, January 25, 2016

Snow and Sickness

It snowed in South Arkansas Thursday night late! We got about 2" here at our home but it QUICKLY melted away by 3pm.  Our deck had some still and back yard until Saturday.  I let shelby play in it before school on Friday.

Don't let her smile fool you! She was not happy, as well as most of hte others in town, that she had to go to school. She said, "But don't they know there's snow on the ground?" haha

Here's the deck at 3:30pm

 Well, this was my weekend... I've not been feeling well for about 2 weeks now and it hit me again Saturday. Nap time was lovely w/ Rhett though. He was so cuddly and I just love that he still wants to lay with me.

Figaro even laid with me some to comfort me

Shelby made a snowman, or as Rhett says, "ManMan," and put it by the window so we could all watch it melt. He was quite skinny yesterday. :)
 Home on Saturday and Sunday meant these two played a lot (and fought a lot). They can be super sweet to each other and the moments they run around giggling is worth all the times they're fussing.


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