Monday, January 11, 2016


This new year has a lot of new direction on my mind and heart. God has always spoken to me in my dreams and His focus lately is on becoming a better me. I have let that focus go. Motherhood and responsibilities are very important to me but if I'm not here, then none of that can go on.  I've let myself go, not just physically. I've always thought if I focused on "ME" then I was being selfish but that's not the case! I want to watch my kids grow and grow my love with Josh. The way I'm going now, that won't be the case.
My devotional today said, "We are never far from success when we allow Jesus to direct our course."
My relationship w/ Christ is my first direction to a better me.  Seeking Him and not the thoughts the devil floods me with at times is my new focus.  God is #1 and should always be in my life in ALL aspects.  I must focus on Him to be the mother, wife and servant God has called me to be.


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