Friday, January 15, 2016

New Year New Planner

I'm IN LOVE with my new Plum Paper Planner! It's PEREFECT for what I need and the size fits in my purse! I chose the Family Planner and you can add 7 categories to each day. I LOVE how organized it is! I've gotta find some stickers I love though to use.

Each person has their own row and column for each day and there's an awesome 2 sided pocket in the back! The pages are super durable and easy to write on and the dividers are sturdy with laminated tabs.  Each month has it's own overall view of the month, a place for goals, birthdays, events, etc...
I also had repositionable stickers that came with mine to write whatever I want on them for each special occasion or event.  If you can see it, I have a horse for shelby's riding lesson days. :) She let me have a sheet of her horse stickers for me to use. :) She's so sweet!
I need some recommendations for stickers. I found some on ETSY but they'e more for Erin Condren planners and the ones for Plum Paper aren't as cute :(...


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