Monday, September 28, 2015

Weekend review...

This past week was super busy. Josh had a lot going on at SAU and I had the kids usual busy schedules so we have had no time together. Josh's birthday was Thursday and we didn't get to celebrate really so Josh and I had a day together on Saturday. We had to drive to Fayetteville and back for a funeral so Shelby and Rhett got to play w/ Mammy & PopPop and Miss Liz.  It was a long trip but nice to have some alone time w/ just Josh, even if we were in a car for 10 hours. The kids had a blast, boo boo's and all. :) Josh and I had a nice dinner alone and that was something we don't get often at all anymore. 
Friday is always Red and White day at Magnolia Public Schools. Shelby LOVES supporting the Panthers! She even made the Magnolia School District FB page w/ her class showing their school spirit and support for the football team!

 The kids LOVE to visit the SAU Farm Road.... :) Course, our little Horse Show Sissy, was in heaven!

Helping Bubby at the park in the tunnel... disregard the satanic symbol! uggghhh....

Mammy asked if Grandparents can be turned into child services... lol... he had a fall into the windowsill..but he's tough and he's ok..

We were so tired so we stayed in from church Sunday and had a day w/ the kids. We needed that. We also decided to get Sprinkles out of the house and into a new home in the garage. We got a GREAT DEAL on this HUGE bunny hutch at AtWoods.  Someone's pricing mistake was our miracle! This is an awesome "hotel" for Sprinkles. Shelby and Rhett love it and I love the rabbit not being inside anymore! He (shelby calls him a SHE cause he's too pretty to be a has so much more room and loves it, I think.

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