Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Lazy Labor Day

Our Labor Day weekend wasn't anything extraordinary... It was low-key but glad we were all together..We had the first SAU Game of the season and it was sooo stinkin hot I left after Mulegating while Shelby stayed w/ Josh and played the entire game w/ her friends. We did absolutely nothing all weekend basically but it was nice.  We had Labor Day lunch at Mammy & Pop Pop's and then they offered to keep the kids and Josh and I went to see War Room. OMG IT WAS AWESOME!! I highly recommend that movie!

 this was what our entertainment for Labor Day consisted of... haha
never a dull moment w/ Bubby...

 then the riding lessons by "Shissy" commenced...
haha.. disregard my voice and Josh's about his phone not working..haha

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