Monday, September 21, 2015

Horse Show Sissy was at it again!

Shelby had a great show this past weekend in Ruston, LA at the Cotton County Open Horse Show Association and we couldn't be more proud of her! This was her 2nd time being at this show. She won 1st in Lead-line in May when she competed here so she was excited to be back and compete in BIG GIRL classes this time! She competed in 3 classes this time,2- Limited Western Pleasure classes and her first time ever competing in a Limited Western Horsemanship class where she learned a pattern and executed it beautifully! She was so nervous about doing a pattern (she learned patterns 2 weeks ago) and what's funny is, while everyone was waiting around for their classes on horseback in the heat shelby was out in the dead sunshine practicing her pattern she was given.  The only one who was practicing. :) She did it on her own. She asked me if it was ok and I told her I assumed so. Her coach, Alan, asked me where she was when he walked through and I said, "Oh, she's out back in the practice rink practicing her pattern." He lit up and grinned from ear to ear and said, "HMm, well you all see this (speaking to the team of teens and young adults who ride for SPH) my 6 year old is out practicing in the sun and heat while y'all all sit up in here complaining of the heat and being tired. hahah"  I was so proud. He was too I believe :). He watched her for a bit and was just beaming w/ pride of his little riding monster he's created. :) He was telling other competitors from other teams, "that's my 6 year old rider who's a go-getter and isn't afraid of anything! she's serious about this and loves it with all her being!"  I was a proud momma! :) I wish Josh could've been there to witness that. He had Family Day at SAU, which I'm sad we missed, but we had to divide and conquer Saturday. This video is of her in the 13 and under Limited Western Pleasure class...

This video below is of her in the Limited Western Pleasure where Shelby won 6th. She was the youngest by MANY years. There were 8 competitors and 6th was great considering the rest were young adults and older adults! (disregard my discussion w/ one of the workers... haha there was some class confusion)

She won 1st in the 13 and under Limited Western Pleasure class, where she was the only rider, but rode EXTREMELY well and got great advice and guidance by the judge and then she won 1st in the 13 and under Limited Western Horsemanship class, which she was again the only rider, but rode and did her pattern BEAUTIFULLY without the least sign of nerves! These are videos of 2 of her rides...

Seeing her ride on Badger (Twin Valley Badger is his full name) is special because he's sooo big and she's so tiny on him. He's her gentle giant and their bond is so special. She adores him.  He's 11 or 12 years old and a good 17-18 hands tall I believe.  I thank the Lord every day for Him guiding us to Shaw Performance Horses and for this excellent adventure! Seeing shelby love this sport so much and so unique is breathtaking :).

She was soo happy to be riding today w/ Lilly Giles. She looks up to her soo much and wants to do all that Lilly does when she grows up!

She was soooo excited to win 6th place with all the adults!!! :) I was so proud! If only we could be so proud to win 6th!

SPH's Caroline Rankin on Joe was tired so they were both resting when I caught this moment haha

Badger was sleepy so shelby was giving him a good rub and he drifted off :)

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