Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Horse Show Sissy

Shelby is improving by leaps and bounds with her riding! The ONLY hurdle we've had is her talking w/ Mr. Alan and giving verbal commands to Badger. I KNOW... my child not talking? LOL.... She, for some reason, clams up around him but after a week off from riding and conversations of the importance of communication to both Mr. Alan and Badger, she opened up last night!! She talked to Mr. Alan and gave the right commands to Badger! It made ALL THE DIFFERENCE in the world w/ her talking and opening up. :) We aren't sure why she has been this way til now, but it's so refreshing to see her be herself 100% around him now. :)

She learned really fast and listened better than I've ever seen or experienced her listening. If only she would listen to me that well! LOL

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