Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Sickness is gone PRAISE THE LORD!

We just thought that Shelby was well but after assuming and sending her to daycare while I was home w/ rhett cause HE GOT SICK, they called and she got sick at school. :( I think she was just overheated and wasn't completely up to par yet.... After a dr's visit for Rhett, we found out he has an ear infection and the virus shelby had and she was just still exhausted and weak from being sick for a week so that made 2 weeks sick for her and almost a week for Rhett ... Everyone is well now after staying indoors and cool all day Saturday and Sunday.  These two were wilder than a march hare yesterday and were back to themselves.

Amongst all the sickness, we decided to paint and redecorate the guest bath/kids bath.  The stir-crazyness got to us but it was WELL WORTH IT! This bathroom was a strange lavender and mauve stripe and didn't remotely match the decor in there but worked obviously enough for us not to care enough to change it in 4 years of living here.. haha.. we chose Buttercup for the walls and then the shower curtain to match both the kids room colors... orange for rhett and teal/pinks for shelby. 


SO glad it turned out well! I've not decided what color rug to do or towels yet... maybe a red rug w/ orange/purple towels?? We got the shower curtain at Walmart of all places! I LOVE their Better Homes collections! :) School is starting for shelby in less than a week now.. too fast!!

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