Monday, August 17, 2015

1st Day of 1st Grade!

I cannot believe this day has come! Shelby met her teacher friday, amongst a bomb threat and all!
She has the most wonderful teacher, Ms. Epperson. She was last year's teacher of the year and has taught for 32 years! Her room is the Chipmunk room! Shelby also has 4 of her friends, 3 being fellow Owlets from Kindergarten, in her room! We can't wait to see her blossom even more this year!
Shelby wanted fancy hair for Meet the Teacher Friday :)

We had an eye appt. before we met the teacher and her eyes aren't any worse and her glasses are right on point for her need
 here we go to meet who shelby has for 1st grade! So glad daddy got to go w/ us! :)
 What a great group of kids for the Chipmunk room!
 Look who's sitting across from each other! :) SAU Kids stick together!
 She was so happy that her hook and mailbox are next to her buddy Kingston!

 Rhett doesn't understand what all this hype about school is...he prefers to stay home w/ mommy and chill
 So HOW DID THIS HAPPEN IN JUST A YEAR?! the left is the day we met Ms. Summerhill for Kindergarten and the right is when we met Ms. Epperson for 1st Grade!
 She also has an exciting adventure coming up this weekend that even she works on her iPad for! ;) stay tuned...
HER 1ST DAY of 1st Grade! :) She is such a beauty inside and out and we are sooo excited to see all she learns and who she grows into!

 and there's the sass... lol..
oh, notice her backpack..
walk, trot and cantering horses... who would've thought LOL

Can't wait to hear all about her 1st day of 1st Grade adventures this afternoon!

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