Monday, August 24, 2015

Horse Show

OMG Shelby did SOOO WELL this weekend at her horse show in Marshall, TX! This was her first show where she rode ALL BY HERSELF! The first show she competed in back in May she competed in Lead Line, which is where she's lead by an older rider who walks beside her and helps guide the horse, but she still had to command the horse some. This time she competed in Walk/Trot, which is just that...she walks her horse, makes him trot, backs him up, stops him, & turns him around. I was a nervous wreck because she's never competed in this and she was the youngest there by far! The next youngest was 13! She had a blast and enjoyed every moment of it! She was excited to get to compete w/ her teammate, Caroline, too! They competed together in the 13 & under Walk/Trot class. Caroline & Shelby did awesome and represented Shaw Performance Horses sooo well! It was neat too because they both wore white :). Caroline competed in English and Western. Shelby competed in just the Western classes because we've yet to find an English saddle small enough :) haha... that's our next adventure :)
here she is w/ Caroline, and some other competitors, warming up...

Here's a recap of the weekend... 
OH and I left out that shelby won 1ST PLACE IN THE 18 AND UNDER (YES, 18!) Limited Youth Western Walk Trot class, 3rd place in the 14 & under Green Rider Western Walk Trot class & 4th place in the 13 & under Walk Trot class! :)
SPH is heading to saddle up and practice

Such a big boy with such a little girl

she's ready to do this! one proud daddy right there!

There she goes!

The judge was so intrigued by Shelby and kept asking her all sorts of questions and he only did that to her :)

class #2 ... there she goes...

haha.. had to "cheese" at her fans :)

she met the cutest little pony that was stalled by Badger. She said Rhett needs this pony...

She wants tact like this for Badger!
What an awesome weekend and event! Shelby is ready for her next show! We know what we need to practice on and work on. :) We LOVE being apart of SPH :)

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