Thursday, May 14, 2015

We've Gotta a Walker!

Rhett was 14 months May 7th. #1, HOW DID THIS HAPPEN and #2, this age is sooo much fun! He's got quite the strong personality. He goes from sweet, cuddly, and gentle to 100% rough and tumble boy! He LOVES to aggravate his "Sissy" but also loves nothing more than to see her and be around her at all times. He does have a temper. Haha...he gets it honestly from me and well, the red-head in the family :).  Having a boy is SOOO DIFFERENT than having just a girl. Don't get me wrong, Shelby isn't 100% girly girl, but man are they different all the way around!
He's FINALLY starting to eat foods! It's still a work in progress but we are gettin there! He's down to maybe 3 bottles a day, so that's HUGE! He also loves to drink V8 Fusion and loves drinking out of a straw! It took shelby FOREVER to learn how to drink from a straw and Rhett's been at it since his 1st birthday!

These two brightened my dim Mother's Day. Shelby's beauty is overwhelming here and Rhett, well, he's going "Broom Broom" and just concentrating on driving his car. HAHA

Now he's happy cause Sissy is driving their car!
Rhett is by far different than shelby ever was and is when it comes to sleep. This boy LOVES AND NEEDS his sleep and he wants you to leave him alone in his bed.  Rock him in his rocking chair w/ his bottle, lay him in his bed and close the door. That's his bedtime routine. LOL...

He LOVES to play in Sissy's room and destroy everything in site especially when she's not here!
 So I FINALLY got how Rhett usually get around on video. We laugh and call him "Tiny Tim" cause it's soo funny to see how he scoots.
Part 1:

 Part 2 of "Tiny Tim's Scoot:"

This was on May4th...

So here Rhett is MONDAY, May 11th... What a difference a week makes!! Crazy huh??
Once again, he loves his Sissy. She's the main reason he's walking. She is the one who's been working with him. :) I LOVE THIS... and love her excitement! OH, the "Broom Broom" sound he makes, is his way of making a car sound cause he was "driving" haha....

Life will never be the same now for sure!!

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