Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Riding prep

Our little rider is getting better and better! After her first ride on Badger, she's now an "expert" in her eyes on a big horse.  She's in full show prep now. Her first show is THIS SATURDAY in Ruston and she's sooo excited! And as you can see, which is every Thursday because I swear if you want it to rain it will on Thursday cause that's when shelby rides, the weather was iffy and the jackets....well, that's because it was COLD!! Yes! COLD! a week before we were in 95 degree weather and then Thursday, it was maybe 65!

Blue was practicing her barrel runs too

that smile gets me

 This girl is going to be one heck of a rider when she's older! She's already surprised us all!

Friday, Josh decided he and I needed a day to just us so after dropping this little gem off at school and Rhett at Miss Liz, we headed to Shreveport for the day!
 We had a quiet, peaceful lunch on the Boardwalk overlooking the insanely high Red River.
 It was nice to just get away. We went to the movies to see Pitch Perfect II, which as awesome, went and did a little shopping and headed back.
This long weekend also consisted of us "red neckin it up," as Josh said, with Rhett in his diaper, kids filthy as all get out and some much needed vitamin D!

 The kids had fun with Mammy and Pop Pop too before we came back from Shreveport on Friday.

 Saturday morning Mammy, the kids and myself went on a mission to find shelby's riding attire for this coming Saturday. We wanted to try El Dorado first and it was a success! We got her boot cut, starched jeans, pearl button shirt, rhinestone belt and a new hat that fits.  I'm rhinestoning her shirt because it's just not enough for SheebeeShake.
 I finished most of her shirt Monday but I'm waiting on the horse applique to come in for the back before I totally finish it. Here it is so far...

this applique came from etsy from allerta

Shelby wanted to go fishing Sunday afternoon, so we loaded up and went and it was so nice out. Rhett LOVED the worms and shelby caught 5!!

 This week will be a lot of prep for the horse show but I'm just praying it will stop raining!!! geese!!

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