Thursday, May 14, 2015

Recital, grief and Mother's Day

Not only was this a very emotional week last week with finding out at recital rehearsals that my grandpa died, but we also had our A/C unit quit so there's $5k to replace, and a very hectic schedule of events with SAU Graduation and such...I pushed through and tried to make life go on as normal as I could last week.
my grandpa was 96 years old! wow!!!!! what a life! he was sooo amazing and such a strong man.  I'm so grateful to be his granddaughter.
I handle grief differently than most. I try to surround myself with positivity and not wallow in the sorrow of it. That's why it was important that we continue with Shelby's schedule of events with rehearsals, horse lessons, school and recital all weekend.  Some don't get it, but it's not their decision. It's ours and our kids come first in our lives and that's hard to comprehend sometimes.
Shelby was beautiful and amazing.  She helped my heart to not be so sad as well as my KDAS family.  They're so special and their prayers mean so much!
Here's the highlights of my week last week....these are the days I want to cherish and smile about...
Thursday's riding lessons wore this baby girl out....

It was KDAS Day on Friday so all of the KDAS Family showed our support by showing our Spirit all over town

not exactly the Mother's Day we had  planned but PRAISE THE LORD FOR COOL AIR AFTER A WEEK OF NONE
Dance recital!! Shelby, being on the Competition Team, she had to attend all 3 performances where she danced her Carwash (Jazz) dance and the Jungle Animals performance dance Friday night, Bride (tap) dance and Jungle Animals Saturday afternoon and Ballet and Jungle Animals dances Saturday night.  IT WAS AWESOME! I Wish more of her family could've seen it.
Friday night's performances with some of the cutest gals around...

thank you Little Carol for her 2nd doll. The glasses you made are JUST LIKE hers and  that special detail made it unique to her!

Little Carol custom doll

Little Carol custom doll

Time for Satuday's performances... lunch first!!


She cannot believe how awesome and exact her Little Carol doll is!

Thank you Little Carol for her amazing dolls!

Break time with Bubby before the PM performance!

THANK YOU Karen for the amazing idea and new gift for the dancers! Shelby's charm bracelet celebrates the last 4 years of dance she has been apart of! Can't wait to add next year's charm... There's Beauty and the Beast, Candyland, Cinderella and this year's Wizard of Oz charms

Congrats Joci on 5 years of dance with KDAS!


that's a wrap!! 4th year of dance is done! On to Nationals in St. Louis in June where these two will compete! :)
LOOVE the pics you did Angela Pieratt!! Thank you sooo much!!

this is the scene of Sunday morning after 3 recitals and weeks of practice....
Mother's Day was not typical.  Burying my grandpa was sad but I know he's rejoicing and we will see him again! Josh and my precious babies took me out to lunch after the graveside, to get some pretty new flowers and to Kirklands, because I LOVE that place.  Aren't they just cute as pie?!

the happy endings to my weekend... i love my husband and babies so much. Thank you for loving me so much...

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