Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Blossom Fest weekend

sweet babies.... It was a blast having both kids at Blossom Fest this year. Rhett was older and loved strolling in the wagon w/ his Sissy.  It was a long day but a good one.  Shelby helped her daddy set up the night before (he was over the serving lines for the World Champion Steak Cook Off at the Blossom Festival) and then she had to dance at the Blossom Festival on Saturday morning. Her favorite dance, Carwash.

 They may dance at different studios but they're still friends and some sassy girls! :) haha... in front of the world's largest potato!

 So after all the fun at Blossom Fest that morning, we decided to come home and good thing we did cause it started raining AGAIN...
I never dreamed having two babies would be so hard but sooooo fun. They are so sweet together and yet have started picking on each other and it's funny but exhausting too. Rhett is holding his own but the fits have started and we are trying to nip that! haha... boys are DEFINITELY different.....

Shelby practices grooming and riding her stick horses and play horses constantly. She's soo ready for her first show May 30th!
 The end of the weekend was great and fun at Kristen's birthday party! Shelby having such great friends warms my soul.:)

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