Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Dance Competition and recital are coming

Shelby's 2nd dance competition, recital and then Nationals is quickly approaching! She has her 2nd competition May 1-3 in Texarkana at KAR, recital May 8-9th and then TOP Nationals in St. Louis June 23-28th.  We're all gearing up for a great time with lots of practicing & studio work! This time of year is CRAZY for everyone so we are all tying a knot and hanging on! :)

It's soo fun to see her dance and the fun she has! I'm afraid that if it ever comes to having to choose between dance and horses...well... dance may fall short. This momma is doing ALL SHE CAN to make sure she never has to choose.  That's why I do almost every single fundraiser there is! So far, I've not had to pay but a minimal amount this year for dance, where if I didn't do a fundraiser they offered, I would be paying over $1000 for some of it I"m sure! We are committed and that means not just on her part to practice and do her very best but for me to do my best to make everything smooth and organized for her to be able to do her very best. Dance is a family and at KDAS, we are one BIG FAMILY!
It's hard to believe how much Shelby has grown not only as a little girl but as a dancer! She illuminates the stage w/ her sass, personality, bubbly spirit and entertaining attitude! Last year's recital was soo fun and that's when we knew she would do great on the Competition Team, and she has!
Last year, if you remember, I ordered Shelby a special gift for recital made ALL BY HAND by Little Carol. She is AMAZING AND I CANNOT BEGIN TO THANK HER ENOUGH for all her hard work and dedication to making each doll look like the special little girls they go to! 
This was last year:

This year... well, let's just say I squealed!!! O M G...the cuteness and yes, I ordered two because I couldn't choose which one I wanted her to make and plus they're for her first year of competition team and the costumes are both just too cute to choose so I didn't. LOL... She did these by photos ALONE!! I'M IN LOVE WITH THEM! I'm gonna give her one at her competition coming up May 2nd and the other at recital I think... I don't know..I kinda want to give her one at National's but I'm not sure...She accidentally saw them in the bag, which was just of their heads, in the back of the Yukon but I hid them in my closet and she's not mentioned them since I told her that bag is a surprise. I'm hoping she forgot! lol

Aren't they precious?!!!
Now our collection of 3!

We got a sneak peek of her dance group pics.. can't wait to see her individuals!!

can you believe how much she's grown!
First year of dance at age 2 and this year at her 4th year of dance at 5 yrs old!
 These cuties have been a pair since shelby's first day and we are soo blessed to have Joci in our lives and as shelby's bff and dancing sister! 4 years together and still tearing it up!

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