Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Exciting Week in the life of SheebeeShake

Love this weather, first off! The temperatures are JUST TO MY SATISFACTION AND LOVE how we can play outside now after school cause it's still light and the weather is so pleasant! 
This past Thursday was a HUGE DAY for Miss Shelby! She had her FIRST RIDING LESSON and got her ears pierced afterwards!! The weather was CRAZY all day and she and I prayed that the rain and storms would hold off til her riding lesson was over and GOD ANSWERED our prayers! You can see the crazy clouds but it was awesome and cool to see as well as with some of God's most majestic creatures!
Shelby adores horses and we aren't sure where this came from but she is PASSIONATE about them! She does her research and learns all she can about anything she loves and this girl knows her stuff about horses! Mr. Alan is her coach and trainer and he is AMAZING! He was sooo good with her and explaining not only how to ride but WHY you must ride this way and the importance of it as a rider. He also taught her the importance of safety and grooming! It was soo awesome and so much more than I ever expected! I LOVE seeing how happy she was and the PURE JOY she has on her face when she's in the saddle!
First we met the animals. I counted over 15 horses and they were all beautiful. Mr. Alan had a very special horse for Shelby, his personal horse, Midnight, the Welsh(Welch?) pony.  He's 30 years old and sooo gentle and sweet! Shelby was IN LOVE!
Miss Linda's horse....super friendly and loved shelby

He told her how to guide a horse and the importance of how it is to be done and made her guide Midnight in herself....and she did it!

Grooming.... all that practice on her American Girl Doll horses has paid off!

 She has lessons every Thursday and it's the highlight of her week and mine too. I wish I could ride with her, but it's all about her and her education to become the rider she wants to be!

I  also thought it would be a fun treat to get her ears pierced. She has been talking about it to me all the time and I knew if I talked about it all the time she would chicken out, so I just took her and did it! My friend did them and was sooo great! Her daughter, Kymber, is one of shelby's BFF"s and she held shelby's sweet hands the whole time! It was so sweet and shelby did soo well and was so brave! She cried a little but it stopped soon after!
She chose sapphires and gold because blue is her daddy's favorite color and his birth stone.
**Insert exploding heart now** the cuteness and sweet reasoning was soooo precious! Josh was totally shocked she did it and went through with it! She reminds me to clean them every morning and night and is doing soo well! She's now in the "Big Girl Club!"  I had mine pierced at 6 years old. My mom took me and it was something I will never forget and how special that moment was! :)

What a week!! God has TRULY blessed me w/ this child...she's unlike anything I ever dreamed she'd be! Oh, this isn't complete without a little Rhett Rhett.. haha who's ALMOST walking!!

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