Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Busy week...

It's a good thing I have a slight issue in being OCD and recently designed my own planner as a LARGE planner because there's no way I would get through this week without it!
all the papers and paper clipped pages all go in for this week too!! OMG
I feel the same way SheebeeShake! LOL.. just love her!
 the week ended with our 3rd riding lesson, which went great again! She looves Thursday's!
this is Frosty....super sweet horse

Good Ole Midnight...her trusty pony

 Lessons ended w/ a sore throat and so did the weekend... Shelby stayed home from school Friday with a sore throat and her nurse practitioner tested her for strep, which was negative, but said her throat was nasty and her tonsils too. She was  put on an antibiotic, claritin and a nose spray and she was back to herself by Saturday!
not even 5 mins later she was crying and had a huge scratch...#pissykitty
Thank goodness for a day of rest with shelby...she definitely needed it and so did I!
This week is full of dance practice, prep for dance competition this weekend, kids choir performace this sunday and on and on.... but... these two kiddos are going strong and sooo much fun and keep me sane, and insane! LOL
pants optional in the
 We took shelby to the play production of Beauty and the Beast at SAU Saturday and she LOVED IT!!

 AND Here's this little his goofy self just keeps us entertained 24/7

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Elaine Welte said...

Shelby is looking so big!!!